Heavy Gauge Bass Strings

HEAVY BASS STRINGS SIGNATURE The hardest !! undoubtedly, they bring great tension to the bass and are ideal for playing very fast. The use of the plectrum on the bass can be decisive when choosing this gauge of strings. heavy bass strings are indicated to play with pick Many times, playing with a bass pick … Read more

Light Gauge Bass Strings

This or gauge is ideal for playing SLAP, they are soft and therefore greatly facilitate this technique. Within the measure 040 we also have different materials that will make our electric bass can have a brighter or warmer timbre. Light gauge bass guitar strings 040 These 040 bass strings are red: If you want to … Read more

Medium Gauge Bass Strings

The medium gauge 0.45 in the electric bass is the most common since it allows to play with fingers and plectrum in a comfortable way. It also allows us to use other techniques such as slap although they are not the most appropriate strings, even so, you have to try all the gauges and decide. … Read more