Bass Scales in Pdf (The Manual)

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This is one of the best manuals on electric bass scales in PDF that exist.
It has been created by Ernesto Martin and it contains all the bass scales, with three fingerings, that you can see in the most popular didactic video about bass scales on Youtube.
For only six dollars it can be yours, you will get a high quality PDF with a high didactic value, it is ideal if you are a student of electric bass or maybe you are a teacher who needs to have ordered concepts to teach your students.

Study all bass scales comfortably and reviewed by a qualified teacher.




ernesto bass scales
Includes the three fingerings to know for each scale.
Study the scales comfortably and carefullyl!
– Major Scale (Ionian Mode)
– Dorian Scale
– Phrygian Scale
– Lydian Scale
– Mixolydian Scale
– Minor Scale (Aeolian Mode)
– Locrian Scale
💥Pentatonic Scales
-. Major Pentatonic Scale
– Minor Pentatonic Scale
💥Blues Scales
– Major Blues Scale
– Minor Blues Scale
– Minor Blues Scale
💥Other Tonal Complexes
– Harmonic Minor Scale
– Mixolydian Scale b9-b13 ( 5th degree E. Harmonic Minor)
– Melodic Minor Scale
– Intervals
For beginner-medium and advanced bassists.
It is an essential manual for the bass student.
All fingerings are practical and develop right hand technique.
✅ Designed by Ernesto Martin for his students.

All the scales that appear in the successful Youtube video are here, in this manual.

youtube scale bass video
But in addition, for each one of them you have two more shapes.


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