Seven Nation Army Bass Tab

Seven nation army bass tab

Finally ! here we have Seven nation army bass tab of the group White Stripes. We consider this tablature to be one of the easy bass tabs we have on this website. Enter here if you still don’t know how to read tablatures. Actually, although it’s hard to believe, this song is played by a … Read more

Sweet Child o Mine Bass Tab

guns and roses bass tab

Here’s this essential tablature for the bass player to play the Sweet Child O Mine bass by Guns and Roses. This song from Guns and Roses’ Appetite for Destruction has one of the best guitar and bass introductions in the history of Heavy-rock. It requires technique, as it is not a theme for the beginner … Read more

Another one Bites the Dust Bass Tab

Another one bites the dust bas tab

Of course, we were going to do a tutorial to play well Another one bites the dust on bass ! Here we have this bass tab of queen of obligatory study for the bass player. Freddie Mercury, as always, did a masterful interpretation of this funk-rock theme. Another one bites the dust Bass is an … Read more

Iron Man Bass Tab

bass notes for iron man

Hello, welcome back to our Big Bass Tabs. Today we are going to approach the bass line of the song Iron Man, from the band Black Sabbath. Iron man is one of the most emblematic songs of this English band that has influenced Heavy Metal groups, such as Metallica. Well, the truth is it’s not … Read more

Stand by Me Bass Tab

stand by me bass tab

Let’s go with another bass tab we’ve prepared, Stand by Me Bass Tab ! Who hasn’t heard that characteristic bass line, it’s easy to master and also gives us a lot in learning the electric bass. Check our section How to read Bass tabs if you don’t know yet ! It is a chord progression … Read more

Californication Bass Tab

californication red hot chili peppers tab bass sheet music

A new bass tablature, well better said, a bass riff. Because this song is based on a beautiful bass riff. It has a lot of melodic and harmonic richness, the bass riff is ….. Red hot chili Peppers Californication bass tab You will know, if you are a bass player, that the bass player of … Read more