Iron Man Bass Tab

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Today we are going to approach the bass line of the song Iron Man, from the band Black Sabbath.

Iron man is one of the most emblematic songs of this English band that has influenced Heavy Metal groups, such as Metallica.

Well, the truth is it’s not a difficult subject to play, so we thought it was ideal for the beginner bass player.

Iron Man’s bass riff creates a perfect unison with the guitar riff, that is, the two instruments merge into one to give solidity to the theme.

To play Iron Man bass, it would be good to study the minor bass scale and also the minor blues scale, specifically on note B.

But enough talk, let’s go!

Look at these first Iron man bass tabs, then you can download the complete iron bass tab in pdf format.

How to play Iron Man on Bass

Watch out for the bass entry as it makes a slide or glissando that is vital to boost the main riff.

iron man black sabbath bass tabs

Easy ? we leave you the audio of Iron man so that you can follow correctly the score.

We have done the second part so that you can play the second bass riff, as the theme is extensive, at the end you can download all the Iron Man tab for bass in pdf.

black sabbath iron man bass tab

Before downloading the iron man bass pdf it is advisable to listen to this audio where we can hear perfectly the isolated bass:

It’s incredible, isn’t it ?

today thanks to the technology we can hear the bass line isolated, this will make us be very precise when playing Iron man on the bass.

Download Iron Man bass tab PDF

Now yes, we leave you with the bass notes for Iron Man in pdf format.

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