Another one Bites the Dust Bass Tab

Of course, we were going to do a tutorial to play well Another one bites the dust on bass !

Here we have this bass tab of queen of obligatory study for the bass player.

Freddie Mercury, as always, did a masterful interpretation of this funk-rock theme.

Another one bites the dust Bass is an indispensable song for the 4-string bass by composer Jhon Deacon.

Well, the tablature has been divided into 3 parts, so that it is much easier to study.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the marks of articulation of bass staccato.

This bass tablature has three parts:

Have you checked them so you won’t forget any of them?

Therefore, it is an essential subject to dominate the staccato in the electric bass.

Now yes, let’s go with the pdfs of this bass song !

We have selected a video to make the studio more comfortable, we put exactly the part of the tablature fragment that we show you.

Attentive with the articulation, short sound and with a strong pulse of fingers to get the sound more like the original. Funk bass sound !

How to play Another One bites the Dust on Bass

Here it is The complete sheet music of this Queen song

Enjoy with this Another one Bites the dust Bass Sheet music !

another one bites intro bass tab

The introduction, as you can see, is with a very straight beat according to the battery. In this video you can hear this fragment:

The next part of this Queen bass tablature is when the voice comes in, that is, the verse.

Attention to the change in the harmony with the note do, we also have to continue playing with staccato.

We accompany the video below so that you can listen to this part with voice

bass tab another one bites the dust

And finally, we attach the fragment of the Another one bite the dust bass tab from the chorus.

It is really the same as in the first part of the verse but with a different resolution:
another one bites the dust on bass

Another one Bites the dust Bass Pdf

Download this bass tab:

Download Another one Bites the dust bass tab

I hope this guided tutorial will help you to play this song well on bass.

We have tried to make another one bites the dust bass tab more complete than there is !

As you can see, it has rhythm notation and there is also the transcription of bass in traditional notation.

The key of this song is E minor “E minor”, so we recommend that you review well the scale of E minor and also the arpeggio minor.

now, leave us a comment with any doubts you may have.

You play this song already ?

Do you master staccato ? or do you want me to
Let’s dedicate a lesson to mastering this articulation technique ?

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