Medium Gauge Bass Strings

The medium gauge 0.45 in the electric bass is the most common since it allows to play with fingers and plectrum in a comfortable way.

It also allows us to use other techniques such as slap although they are not the most appropriate strings, even so, you have to try all the gauges and decide.

We have made a selection of the best 45 gauge bass strings:

Why buy Medium gauge bass strings ?

If you are looking for the most used measure in the bass, this is undoubtedly, sure that when you bought the bass came from this gauge as it is preferred by most bassists to be very versatile.

You can try other gauges like 0.40 or 0.50 if you want to notice a lot of contrast in both soft and hard strings.

Here you can buy the best sets of medium gauge strings of caliber 045.

In this section for bassists we have been reviewing each brand and these we think are the best !

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Mediun gauge bass strings sets

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