Heavy Gauge Bass Strings


The hardest !! undoubtedly, they bring great tension to the bass and are ideal for playing very fast.

The use of the plectrum on the bass can be decisive when choosing this gauge of strings.

heavy bass strings are indicated to play with pick

Many times, playing with a bass pick requires a lot of tension on the strings, especially if your punch or touch is powerful enough.

For this purpose, gauge 0.50 adapts perfectly to the most aggressive hits.

Why buy Heavy Gauge Bass strings ?

These are heavy metal bass strings !

This gauge of strings is the heaviest or strongest, it is perfect to play with pick for that reason it is the favorite of the bassists of Metal or Rock.

When we play at high speed with the bass we need that the string does not move too much for it, the strong gauge of 050 allows us to attack the string very quickly and facilitates much speed when touching extreme rhythms.

In this web you can buy the best sets of 4 strings of 0.50 gauge.

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