Minor Scale on Bass

This lesson will be dedicated to how to play well the minor scale for Bass.

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The minor scale bass is also called the natural minor scale because this is how we differentiate it from other minor scales such as the harmonic minor or melodic minor.
The smaller scale is degree VI of the larger scale so it will also have another name which is aeolian mode.

We are going to take the name natural minor scale but these are more possible names:

bass guitar scales pdf
If you want to learn well the scales on the electric bass don’t forget to take this pdf with you, after consulting this lesson.

It includes all the bass scale fingerings you need to know, the major scale, the minor scale, the modes, the pentatonic scales, the blues scales.
All of this is summarized in a PDF with three ways to do each scale on the bass. This manual is indispensable for the study of scales. Take advantage of this offer!

How to play the Minor Scale on a 4 String Electric Bass

In this bass pdf we present you 4 fingering to master this scale well.

Let us remember the fingers of the hand that we will use in the numbers.

minor scale bass fingers

Left hand fingers to play minor scale bass

A minor Scale Bass

We’ll take the central A pitch note as usual to practice the minor scale.

The A minor bass scale has these notes:

The most common fingering of this scale for bass is the finger 1 but as always, we must practice the other two as they will make us improve in technique and position.

As you will see there are 2 possible fingerings with finger 1. Practice both !

Don’t forget to study this bass pdf with a metronome at 60-70-80 and then increase the speed.

Take a look at these A minor scale Bass fingering:

a minor scale bass

Another fingering for the bass minor scale, with the finger 2 and the finger 4

How is the Natural Minor Scale formed ?

The minor scale under the morphological point of view has seven notes and generates these distances between them:

These are the intervals of the minor scale or wind mode:

1, 2, b3, 4, 5, b6, b7

How do I use the Minor scale on the Bass ?

This scale gives us a sad character and we can combine it very well with the minor pentatonic scale.

It is relative to the major and this means that we can exchange it most of the time, so melodically we can play it on the first degree chord without problems we should be careful not to rest on the b6 of the scale because it is the note to avoid.

We will be able to use it mainly on these chords:

We are in the A key:

    • Minor triads chords – Am ✅
    • Supended chords – Asus2 ✅
    • Supended chords – Asus4 ✅
    • Minor chords add 9 – Am add9 ✅
    • Minor seventh chords – Am7 ✅
    • Minor seventh chords witn 9ª – Am9 ✅
    • Minor seventh chords witn 11ª – Am 11 ✅

Next we leave you the minor scale low in several notes:

B minor scale bass :

b minor scale on bass

C minor scale bass :

Here is the C minor scale bass tab with all his notes


c minor scale on bass

D minor scale bass :

d minor scale bass clef [

E minor scale bass :

e minor scale bass guitar

F minor scale bass :

f minor scale bass clef

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