Major Scale for Bass Guitar

In this bass lesson for beginners we are going to learn how to play the major scale on bass guitar.

These are the three ways you must know to play the diatonic major scale bass

The major scale is very important because it is the basis of the tonal music we know, that is, it is the mother scale of the major tonality.

It is degree I, also called Ionic mode, so we can use several names for this scale:

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bass guitar scales pdf

  • Major scales bass guitar fingering

    In this bass pdf we present the 3 ways that exist to touch the major scale.

    In this case we are going to play the LA major scale in the bass.

    Perhaps the most common fingering is that of finger 2, which is the easiest to perform because it is on the vertical axis of finger 1, but we should not underestimate the other two fingerings because we will get out of more than a rush when playing songs.

    Remember that the white circles are the note from which we start and we go beyond this because we want to take advantage of the string Sol to continue with more scale

    A good bass player plays the same scale in different ways!

    Bassist!  study this pdf carefully and remember that you must always practice with the metronome at 60-80 bpm black and then go up in speed.

    These bass basic scales are perfect for the begining.

    Look at these bass major scale positions with the bass A major Scale.

    Major Scale fingerings for bass Guitar

    ✅ The first bass fingering starts with your finger one:

    major scale bass

✅  Here is the second, with the finger two, and also you can read major scale bass tab

A major scale bass tab

A major scale bass guitar

✅ The last bass fingering is with the four finger
major scale bass guitar

Remember that the white circles indicate the root of the scale, in all these examples are for A major scale.

How major scale is formed ?

The major scale has seven notes and these are the distances between them:


These are their intervals:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

How to use the Major Scale ?

The diatonic major scale for bass guitar is fundamental for the bass player because by mastering it we can begin to play simple lines and become familiar with the sound of tonality.

It is going to be the scale that we can use in any song to improvise on the chords of this one and also to make melodies if we dedicate ourselves to the composition.

We are going to be able to use it on these chords:

Examples from (A)

        • Major triad chords – A ✅
        • Chords of 2nd suspended – Asus2 ✅
        • Major chords add 9 – Aadd9 ✅
        • Major chords 6ª – A6  ✅
        • Major chords 6/9 – A6/9 ✅
        • Major seventh chords and major ninth chords – Amaj7, Amaj9 ✅
        • Major seventh chords with 9ª y 13ª – Amaj13 ✅

..and more major scales for bass guitar:

E Major Scale on BASS

e major scale for bass guitar in open string

e major scale on bass

C major scale for bass Guitar

C major scale bass guitar


f major scale bass

Look at these electric basses for beginners:

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