Major Blues Scale Bass

The major blues scale is not always as well known as the minor blues scale but this scale is perfectly combined with it ✅

In reality it is the same scale but starting from the minor third of the minor blues scale, in the example we see that they are at a distance of minor third:

F# blues minor – A blues major

relatives blues scales on bass

But, we’re going to be able to use them starting from the same note and that’s going to amplify the blues sound.

So now we have two possible scales on a Blues chord:

See this example for the A7 chord:

the blues scales on bass

✅ BASS TIP: In a BLUES, we can use the major blues scale and the minor blues scale starting from the same note.


How to play the Major Blues Scale on bass

Next we will show you the most common fingering for this scale.

We will place ourselves in the central A pitch note as always to practice the major blues.

Left hand Fingers to use:

1, 2, 3, 4

Fingering of the Major Blues Scale Bass

Remember to study these bass fingerings with a metronome at 60-70-80 and then increase the speed.

We will start with the fingering with finger 1, the “blue note” we will touch it with finger 3 and when we get to the first string, this time, we will move the finger 1 to play the blue note.

major blues scale in bass guitar

The next fingering to play the blues major scale is also with finger 1.

You have to move half a tone backwards when you change from string 4 to string 3.

The blue note is played with fingers 3 and 2:

major blues scales for bass guitar

To complete this bass lesson, we will learn fingering with finger 4 where we will play the blue note with fingers 2 and 3:

major blues scale on bass with 4 finger

How is the Blues Major scale formed ?

The major blues scale in the bass is formed by introducing the “note blue” in the major pentatonic scale we have previously studied. This note has been called “b” in these 4-string bass diagrams.

The “blue note” is a step note that we introduce between the 2nd note of the major pentatonic and the 3rd.

We are left with a chromatic step that completely tastes like blues, besides, this blue note is going to serve us as a rest note as well.

This scale has 6 notes because with the “blue note” it is no longer pentatonic.

It should be noted that this study must be complemented with the minor blues scale explained earlier in another section.

Major blues scale intervals

  • Root
  • Major 2nd
  • Augmented 2nd
  • (3rd minor) “blue note”
  • Major 3rd
  • Perfect fifth
  • Major 6th

Using the Blues Scale Major

How to use this scale is essential for the bass player.

We will combine it together with the minor blues scale and on these chords:

Major triad chords – A major ✅
Major chords with minor seventh – A7 ✅
Chords of 4th suspended – Asus ✅
2nd Suspended Chords -Asus2 ✅

Do you want more scales in pdf?


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