Minor arpeggio on bass

In this lesson we show you the three ways to play a minor arpeggio on electric bass. You should also know the major arpeggio for bass.

As always, all these minor bass arpeggio fingerings are for the A note of the 5th fret of our 4th bass string.

✅ This minor triad arpeggio fingering is starting with finger 2, it is the most open way to execute this minor arpeggio on bass. The hand opens completely, do not forget to practice with metronome:

minor arpeggio on bass

✅ In this second fingering of minor bass arpeggio we will start with finger 1:

how to play minor arpeggio on bass

This way of playing the minor triad in the electric bass you will surely already know it because it is the fundamental and most comfortable position. It is very comfortable because the index finger is the most ideal to move by the mast.

✅ As the last bass fingering, we propose the fingering with little finger.:

minor arpeggio on electric bass

This form allows us to do the arpeggio simultaneously which is how we play the chords.

It is a way of playing a minor chord on electric bass.

Try to play all three notes at the same time with your right hand but start with the “A” on the 12th fret of the 3rd string because otherwise it will sound very dirty in the low register.

How to use the minor arpeggio in Bass

The minor arpeggio can only be used for minor chords.

Although it is also possible to use it on a major blues chord, e.g. A7.

We can make rhythms playing the fundamental note (tonic) and then continue accompanying with the third of the chord or fifth of this one.

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