Major Arpeggio on Bass

In this lesson we show you the three ways to play a major triad arpeggio on the electric bass.

You should also know the minor arpeggio on bass.

As you can see we will always focus on the A note of the 5th fret of our 4th bass string.

This first fingering is starting with finger 1, it is the most open way to execute this major arpeggio in bass.

Bass arpeggio Patterns

The hand opens completely, we start with our index finger:

major arpeggio bass pattern 2

In this second fingering of arpeggio major we will begin with finger 2.

This way of playing the major triad in electric bass surely you will already know it because it is the fundamental position and more comfortable, ahead then with it:

major arpeggio bass pattern 1

Finally, we propose finger fingering 4

This form is ideal to do the arpeggio simultaneously as we play the chords.

Therefore, it is a way to play a major chord on electric bass. If you play all three notes at the same time you already have it!;

major arpeggio bass pattern 3

How to use the major arpeggio in Bass

The major arpeggio may only be used for major chords.

We can make rhythms playing the fundamental note (root) and then continue accompanying with the third of the chord or fifth of this one.

We can execute with this arpeggio a pattern of bass cumbia.

For more information we will continue to see how it is formed and how to make a major chord in Electric Bass.

C Major Arpeggio Bass

Look at the C major arpeggio, his notes are C, E and G.

Play it slowly and try to make some rhythm with it.

c major arpeggio for electric bass

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